73% of Americans say that money is the primary stress in their life. More than death, relationships, or health. Despite working hard and having a decent income, they aren't able to get ahead. They don’t seem to have enough for the present and worry for the future.

Is this you?

You can remove that stress, worry, and scarcity in your life by doing the internal work around your relationship with money and learning the concrete math of personal finance. By taking control of your relationship with money, you can build the life you want. Graduates of the course have saved an average of between $100-$800 a month after taking Financial Freedom 1.

“It is wildly empowering to be working on this endeavor with other smart, thoughtful folks, getting feedback along the way. Books and websites could give me all the tactical info, but only other people could engage me in the way that feels “sticky,” in the way that social emotional learning is. I thought this class would be rewarding and interesting. I didn’t think it would be fun. It was fun.” - Hilary, Seattle WA

the first step of empowerment is education

Financial Freedom 1 is a coached, two-month online course that helps you understand your relationship to money, the math to financial freedom, and the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors for building a life you can be proud of.

For those two months, your coach and a cohort of co-strivers will help you feel in control about your finances, have a budget that aligns with your values, and feel more secure and empowered. It’s a space where people can talk honestly about money, without shame, and bring their reality to light. It’s a space to re-examine your relationship with money and learn the concrete knowledge needed to feel comfortable with your finances. Make no mistake: this is work, often hard inner work. And worth it.

“The class far exceeded my expectations. It recalibrated my relationship with capitalism: by expanding my understanding of personal finances the course unveiled ways that I could be intentional about directing money towards fulfilling my potential. I gained much needed clarity around the narrative I was spinning with money, and how I could alter the story. I would recommend the course to anyone who values learning how to make money an effective tool for creating a good life.” - Ashby, Portland OR

“This course was incredible. I felt a mental shift in the huge internal struggle that I’ve had around money. I was amazed at everything that I was learning. Some of it I wasn’t ready for, and I’m still working through it. It was transformational” - Radaris, Bronx, NY