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  1. let me guess casino called it a malfunction and he got payed out 85x ? ill believe it when i see him in his new ferrari

  2. Its not even real !!! there is a major clue on screen yet almost everybody that has made a comment believes it actually happened lol so gullible folks

    1. @MERSEYBEAT2603 You know… I couldnt give 2 fucks about this being fake or not. But you dont have any evidence of it being fake just like he doesnt have proof of it being real.

      Also no. Everyone knows gambling is bad and they wont win but lose money. And this is remade anyways as the creator said multiple times.

      And dont call me son I dont know you and Im glad that I dont.

    2. @UWELL you miss the point son , it encourages people to play when they watch vids like these , me and hopefully you know its fake as fcuk but others out there will believe its real and that they can do the same. probably people that have never gambled in their life b4 will now gamble thinking all wins are massive , its click bait to some but not everyone can see thru the scam. wise up son !!!!

    3. @MERSEYBEAT2603 scammers how is is a scam even if its fake? Did you pay to see the video? No.
      does this tell you to ONLY play Razor Shark? No. And not everyone records every single spin.

  3. Hardest thing in the world is not to click it…or the person fainted during this ..

    1. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer my heart cant take a win like this ..if it was me id just

    2. well im guessing its a recreation of the win, the guy might have clicked it when the win actually happened

  4. Well see the dislikes …slotspinner never got so many dislikes & thats the harsh reality about this stupid game dislikes r for the game though not for the slotspinner it has ripped most of us over the yrs but i am really very very happy for the guy who got that win still game needs to improve a lot trust dont come easy wont play this game for at-least for a yr it will only empty ur pockets

    1. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer My best wishes r with u may ur dream come true on Lil devil(100000x win)…recently got 2000x on lil devil thats not easy though kept playing it for weeks & it happened & this is called trust & this is how game needs to perform …No complains for other slots from push gaming Fat santa & wild swarm r in my Top ten list & we need better version of Razor Shark just like money train 2( still in huge profit in this game since its launch playing it regularly) entertainment value is just zero like its zero bonuses on Razor shark , entertainment must win not me or casino or provider thats it.

    2. im in the same boat mate, i have gotten the 1000x coin once and thats basically it for really big wins in 1 YEAR of playing this slot. Too brutal

  5. this cant be true , i never can believe this , its just developers show

  6. And let me just guess, you are affiliate with Snabbare casino? Smileyface 🙂

  7. если бы в рашке занес то казик кинул бы с выплатами сто пудово
    так то х82500. видали и похлеще

  8. Shame it’s not real money. Obviously free play money. Who does a £50 with 300 odd balance?? I’m not buying it one bit

    1. If you idiots dont have evidence then dont go around calling something fake. Also even if it was play money that doesnt change the fact this has a 1 in a billion chance to hit. Hitting this in play money would be just as insane. And why would this company care about faking this win at some random time years after the slot released? Afterall most people are probably stupid enough to believe this actually made the slot empty now so it wouldnt even gain them anything.

    2. Fake …its only to bring back the players rather would advice slotspinner to avoid such uploads in future …for me really very very bad exp. came in another push gaming slot wild swarm over 1200 spins(stake size unchanged) in maxed out mode 69 bees gone in hive still no swarm mode

    3. yes its freeplay or fake or its a scam to bring back players who have lost trust completely (Razor shark needs to improve on that Zero bonus strategy) havent seen any streamer grind this slot like Lil devil or DOA 2

  9. I wouldnt play Razor Shark for the next decade till it recoups nearly half a mil lol. Insane just insane 🤤

    1. yes for sure just like jackpot games when someone hits a jackpot it stops paying & starts ripping

  10. It s fake because the potentional from Razor Shark is 85000x an 50*85000=4250000 but he win 4,273,770. Thats not work

  11. Guys he now maybe won 450k but if ge keeps playing he will for sure loose 50% of it again.. and this is 1 of 1 million chance to get a win like that. Do not gamble.. you will never win!

    1. more like one in tens of billions.. if the developers didnt get a win exceeding 50kx in their amount of spins, its way way rarer than something like 1/50 mil

  12. even if this is a real hit, youve got more chance of living to be 100yrs old than getting a hit like this, casinos are here to take your money not give you money…

    1. Everybody knows that. We all also know that gamblers are dumb. I like to compare it to smokers. They smoke cigarettes even though they know that they are paying for their own death.

      But you can also win (even though you in total will still have lost money) and there are also smokers that dont get lung cancer.

    2. @Mjees yeah I think you get my drift tho, first thing that came to mind! Lol

  13. Secondo me è una vincita falsa non segna nemmono i freespin eseconda cosa con n credito di 320 non vai da nessuna parte
    a bet 50

  14. they nerfed it after this for sure… cant get 2,5k coin in bonus anymore

  15. No no no its not Zero bonus shark oh sorry Razor shark it might be Money train 2 …pinching pinching pinching still pinching what the hell OMG 85kx wow big big congrats…the game renamed as Zero bonus shark by most of the streamers finally paying some one still on my ban list wont put a pinny on this game for yrs to come

  16. I am pretty sure this is not real money. At snabbare casino you can play with 5000 kr (fun money)

    1. @stereohifi youre welcome to disbelieve that, i dont give one flying fudge 🙂

    2. Push Gaming confirmed that the casino paid out the win and its real

  17. ich frage mich was passieren würde wenn Knossi sowas hitten würde 😀 den könnten sie dann glaube ich einliefern ^^ also in meinen Augen ist das Fake bzw. nur Werbung denn der Slot ist laut Push Gaming bei 50,000x abgeriegelt also kann der sowas auch nicht raus hauen…. und falls doch dann sorry Push Gaming das ist dann einfach nur noch peinlich wenn ihr nicht mal wisst was eure eigenen Slots zahlen können….

  18. 412.000 euros win, with 30 euros left on balance, and around 5 euros per hit… Well… Life-changing moment I guess.

    1. @Umut Bakis in Swedish koronas. In euros it is 412 K.

    1. According to Push Gaming its real, thats all i know 🙂

  19. Va!, Van han inte mer än så, haha nej bara skojade stort grattis till mega vinsten 😀

  20. I got a friend who is a coder for one of these companies on a popular game you all know that Bandit loves to play in-particular. He once he told me what actually goes on, then I just stopped playing and watch streams instead.

    In short, they release various versions of the game, so when a new game comes out and they want peeps to play it, they make it generous, people see big wins, get hooked THEN, they alter code so it just sucks your money.

    Do not play these things. Watch the streams instead if you have to, theyll bet bigger stakes and get bigger wins.
    Even if you dont have a lot of money, some money is better than losing it all and feeling like the biggest loser in the world.

    1. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer thanks for correcting this idiot. He also clearly doesnt understand how coding works… No coder is involved in anything related to payouts, thats all done by math professionals, the coder just implements it. Also how would they make it generous? By putting the RTP at 99% instead of 96% and that is supposed to create big wins? I dont think so. Putting it over 99% would obviously be nonsense. Funny how these people make things up its just sad.

    2. Reason you see lots of big wins on new slots is because there are lots of streamers & players playing them when they are new, you dont see many big win videos on forgotten slots cause they dont get any play anymore

    3. absolute bullshit, these games are licensed and the Code for payouts is not allowed to be changed after licensing it , they would have to replace the game and alter RTP with new license

  21. That is fucking insane. This win will definitely change his life. Congrats!

  22. Нормально тип на всю жизнь себе денег нашёл за 10 минут… Честно, даже не понятно, наебалово ради рекламы или нет?…

  23. As if the guy knew it was going to happen and he recorded this into video, its defo fishy. This is marketing, they are trying to make people fall for this I dont know another slot can beat dead or alive or jamming for the biggest x wins.

    1. @Swati N Every Online casino is run by thugs. And if youve never even played on Razor Shark then stop putting these comments under Videos.

    2. @Ozkan Sen i have not, this is all trusted on push gaming. If they lie, its fake.

    3. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer by the way are you streaming tonight? If yes wishing you good luck

    4. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer have you seen it with your own eyes that this guy got paid by the casino all those winnings? I like to believe it that its true but these days hard to trust any casinos my personal opinion.


  25. So just a regular player (Not a streamer) happened to hit the biggest win on slots ever and also was recording it? It could very well be a publicity stunt, unless there is proof of withdrawal I call this BS

    1. @Stian Påsche Envy? This is the problem, whenever someone spreaks out, trolls like you paint them as haters or jealous, while there is nothing to be jealous about because 90% of these stunts are fake or from fake money streamers.
      Game providers are as guilty as the fake money casinos because they use these shady tactics to promote their games and make people play them to double their gains.
      Id advice you read this article which might give you an idea how they operate:

    2. @Ouss Af why would he need to prove anything? Just enjoy the possibillity of this beeing you in the future. Stop the envy allready

    3. @Ouss Af The odds favor streamers because they make their own odds by playing more. Anybody can play that much if (person) can afford it.

    4. @Jonathan Dinges Thats not true, when you consider the time and money (Including bonuses) streamers invest in gambling, the odds favor the streamers.
      Until this day, I havent seen any withdrawal proof regarding this win nor a word from the actual guy that hit it.

    5. What a joke of a comment LOL REGULAR players have the same odds as streamers lmao

  26. The casino is not gonna want to pay that out that’s for sure be interesting to see

    Well fucking done tho shit

  27. Okey… i will not touch this game in 30 days… they already gave like almost 500K usd … in 30 days time for them to collect more than that

  28. Surely when they invent slots they know that it could have an unlimited win, like if it wanted it could have hit that 2500x at 100x multiplier?? So a soft cap would be a lie? Obviously it has to take alot of money to pay this but the 50000x could just be along normal play and when it decides to do this its unlimited? It could have been so much more if it had wanted

    1. @Slotspinner – Casino Streamer I mean you can win it, the point of these caps is purely because someone could just bet the max bet (which is 100€ i believe on this slot) and imagine if he wins 100.000x then. Sure 500k is not that much for most casinos but 10 million can definitely kill some small casinos. Putting no limit on any slot is extremely risky, hence why it doesnt exist. Sure there are some slot that you could make infinite because they are simply so lineral build that its really impossible to win really big but yeah.

    2. Well if the probabilities of even higher wins are 1 in a 10000000000000000000000 it doesnt matter anymore since nobody gonna win that

  29. I think i would have shit myself right there on the computer chair. Jesus

  30. This is a win from a Swedish Player on Snabbare, it is not my win 🙂
    The developers Push Gaming did not think it was possible to exceed around 50,000x on Razor Shark, but boy did that Viking prove them wrong!

    1. He/She was robbed, cant believe how many dead spins there were! 😂

    2. @stuart Smith The gameprovider can recreate rounds, you probably asked the casino?

    3. Curious, does this mean he was recording at the time, Ive asked for a game round before and told they cant do it

    4. @MFSlots Youre basing your math on the grids and a fucking video playing to show the wins. Thats not how a slot works. As soon as you press SPIN the win is calculated. Everything that happens on the screen is just for show. A computer can run through billions of spins in no time compared to you actually having to watch each win sequence.
      Im so tired of idiots getting to voice their stupidity on the internet man.
      Ask anyone in the gambling industry how this works, and every single one will say Im right and youre wrong.

  31. Calllinggggggg bullshit, even if the game allowed that win, which I doubt it, the casino wouldnt payout unless it was massive

  32. No win til x14…..thats not normal… 320€ Balance, 50€ Bet, also not normal..thats FAKE!!!!

    1. ofc why not lol, big casinos make billions per year, so they aint give a damn about this win.

  33. It can happen maybe once ina bilions and bilions of spin. And the odds tath it happen when somone was recording is?SCAM

    1. Wieso denn nicht, 400k Euro ist für ein großes Casino nichts. Die machen teilweise Umsätze von mehreren Milliarden Euro

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