Visiting Vicki Robin and taking the RE out of FIRE

I got to visit Vicki Robin for a couple of days and talk about taking the RE out of FIRE. Her message was that FIRE people should stop talking about early retirement. Early retirement simply isn’t attractive to people with the motivation and ability to reach financial independence early. It’s freedom to do what you want, with integrity, without regard to needing to make money.

You've Got to Have a Code

One of the big takeaways in FF1 is “It’s just math.” It’s something I repeat multiple times to people. Personal finance is just math. And not very hard math. You just need two numbers, your income and your expenses, and from that you can figure out when you hit financial independence.

But I’m wondering if it’s really not about the math at all. It’s really about the principles you live by.

In response to JD Roth’s “The death of Anthony Bourdain: Thoughts on productivity, pleasure, and depression”

We believe in the “pursuit of happiness.” It's in our founding document. Read that again: the pursuit of happiness. Doesn't constantly pursuing something sound exhausting? Doesn't constantly reaching for something make us uncentered? If we’re always wanting, are we ever settled? Do we ever catch happiness and possess it?

Notes on Financial Freedom after ten weeks of travel

It occurred to me on my trip that financial freedom fits within prospect-refuge theory. In the course I talk a lot about FIRE (financial independence, retiring early) in terms of freedom, the ability to own every hour of your time. You get to do what you’re passionate about, with the people you care about, in the amount that you want. You get to live your life creatively. But I don’t think I emphasize the security portion of FIRE enough. Since I “crossed over,” I simply worry about money less. Of course I still have a budget. I don’t spend frivolously. But having financial freedom means I simply feel safer in the world.