A life of "ascetic virtue"

Someone in my current cohort of Financial Freedom 1 asked: "Wait, so you are saying that with a life of ascetic virtue I can quickly (somewhat quickly) 'retire' to live a life of… ascetic virtue?"

I guess other people see the way I've lived my life as "ascetic" or "virtuous." But to me, this goes back to the concept of wealth. What does it mean to be wealthy? I'd rather be wealthy in time to do what I want to do, with the people I want. I take naps every day. I play soccer 5x a week and eat lunch with friends. I nap. I get to do creative endeavors like PUGS or stupid politcal books. In April, May, and June, I'm travelling around the world, visiting friends on 5 continents.

That to me is more luxurious than more belongings and consumerism while having to work at a 40 hour a week job for 40 years. Time is the only wealth to me, especially after seeing my dad die early and not do the things he wanted to do.

Then again, I sorta like the idea of ascetic virtue. :)