Speaking Inquiries

Douglas's presence in front of a large audience is calm, inviting, and conversational. He speaks with clarity and confidence, bringing joy into a conversation on financial freedom. Of dozens of expert speakers and facilitators, his presentation was rated one of the top three most highly valuable of our five-day conference. We've already asked him to return and speak our future institutes. - Kristine Sloan, CEO, StartingBloc

The vast majority of Americans are financially undereducated. Our parents didn’t teach us and we didn’t learn it in school. Douglas helps people take live the life they want by taking control of their finances. As a result, 78% of Americans working full-time live paycheck to paycheck.

Douglas helps people with the soft side of finances: the “money scripts” they learned as children, the assumptions about consumerism and happiness, the discovery of what wealth means to them.

He also teaches the hard side of personal finance: the miracle of compound interest, the “magic number” for retirement, the creation of simple, easy to use budgets.

Douglas speaks at conferences, workshops, colleges and universities, leadership trainings, panels, and career workshops. If you are interested in bringing a Financial Freedom talk or workshop to your audience, reach out.

“Douglas brought great heart and dimension to our day-long seminar, "Money, Power & Meaning." While his personal story of gaining financial freedom is inspiring in its own right, it is his familiarity with historical, psychological and sociological factors and his agility in engaging conversations with humor and self-awareness that make him such a compelling speaker.” - Hilary Wilson, conference organizer and Whidbey Institute board member


starting bloc

StartingBloc is a global fellowship of 3,000 leaders crafting a future that works for all beings. Douglas, a StartingBloc Fellow himself, spoke at the StartingBloc Institute in Washington DC (October 2018), presenting his one-hour talk: “Financial Freedom: Take Control of Your Finances to Live the Life You Want” to 100 incoming Fellows at each Starting Bloc Institute. He will be speaking at Starting Bloc Institutes in Los Angeles (February 2019) and New York (August 2019).

World Domination Summit

WDS is a worldwide gathering of remarkable people. Every summer in Portland, Oregon, people who want to live a remarkable life in a conventional world gather for a weeklong experience focused on community, adventure, and service.  In 2018, Douglas teamed up with JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly to do a 3 hour WDS Academy on “Financial Freedom: Take Control of Your Finances to Live the Life You Want.


Whidbey institute

The Whidbey Institute’s mission is to nurture the conditions for transformational learning, and grow the human capacity to respond generatively to the challenges of our time. In 2018, Douglas did a presentation at the “Money, Power, and Meaning” seminar titled “Financial Freedom: Capitalism isn’t the Problem, You Are.”